PROJECT HEM is an 8300 sq ft property in Chelsea that is going through some major re-development including the creation of a basement level, Re-design of the lower ground floor, and the full RE-MODELLING of the upper floors.


To allow the interior designer to make informed design choices throughout the redevelopment process, we were commissioned to recreate this incredible property in Virtual Reality. To enhance the design process, we created a fully navigable experience, giving the user control of our own custom furniture system where furniture can be placed in real time as well as changing the finishes throughout the house. The lower ground floor consisted of an office, powder room, bar and cinema, to name a few.


The project won the United Kingdom Property Awards 2018-2019 in the residential category. This is a huge achievement for all involved and we are truly honoured that the work we created was part of the submission.


If You would like to see the experience and try out some of our unique custom tools used then please get in touch