— At Visual Lane we have a talented bunch of Artists capable of creating stunning visuals, VR experiences and mobile apps.

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After beginning his 3D journey creating custom assets for GTA on an old Packard Bell, Andrew worked alongside his brother Thomas creating their very first collection of 3D objects. This led them both on different paths for the future, with Thomas entering the world of product design and Andrew, with his passion for film and games, going on to study Cinematography and Animation.

For the next few years, Andrew became motivated by his passion for Virtual Reality and worked tirelessly mastering his craft and learning how to bring the technology to the wider archviz audience.

After years of working apart, Andrew and Thomas reunited and began building the foundations of Visual Lane by bringing their backgrounds together to create a unique blend of CG, VR and Film.

Whilst Andrew spends a lot of his time working and coming up with new ways to use VR, you will also find him touring the countryside with his brother on their Sportbikes finding good spots to fly the drone or cruising through town on their boosted boards.




Thomas has worked in the design industry for over 14 years and has a wealth of experience in Product Design, Graphic Design and Visualisation.  He has worked with some very high profile clients across the globe and has invaluable experience in this industry.  

With years of experience leading a talented team of artists Thomas decided to start Visual Lane along with Andrew and offer a fresh alternative in the market.

Thomas has won awards for products he has designed and for art he has created.

When not working with the talented team at Visual Lane he spends a lot of time riding motorcycles and spending time with his little boy exploring museums learning interesting things.

Thomas and Andrew have created work together for over a decade and its clearly visible in what they do that they have a connection which makes the work Visual Lane create a step above.  With a base in Glasgow, UK and Palmerston North, NZ Visual Lane are working across various industry's to create high quality, high detailed immersive experiences.

 Marketing & Account Executive

Marketing & Account Executive


From a young age, Caroline has had a passion for helping others. Caroline began her journey by working in customer service in the retail industry. After a transition into sales and with a thirst for knowledge, Caroline went on to study business, economics and marketing.

Developing a fascination with 3D Visualisation through watching her brothers create worlds through the eyes of their clients, Caroline accepted a key role at Visual Lane as Marketing and account executive. This, combined with Caroline’s understanding of business, has enabled her to work in a position she has a great passion for and expand her knowledge in the field.

When not helping clients, Caroline enjoys nature photography and going for long hikes to get the perfect shot. Being very creative, she loves crafts, sewing, cooking and is currently teaching herself how to play the harmonica.  She can often be found glued to a great documentary or with her head stuck in a book.

With a love for gaming, particularly the Virtual Reality variety, Caroline considers herself extremely lucky to be working with VR experts and having the opportunity to learn from them every day.

 Creative Consultant

Creative Consultant


Originally from Glasgow, Dave is a former military officer. Since leaving uniformed service, he has worked in creative practice as a trainer with Apple, a creative consultant with a large CG studio, and as a design lecturer. Dave is also a widely published freelance writer on technology and design related subjects, with bylines in Wired, Monotype’s storied Recorder, and other titles.

He has lived in New Zealand since 2010 with his wife and daughter, and enjoys working across Asia Pacific with our clients to develop visually stunning, powerful communication that assists them in achieving their aims.

Dave takes great interest in advancements in personal technology and how devices and software together revolutionise our working lives. When not pursuing new business and assisting our clients in maximising the creative impact of their projects, Dave enjoys training for and competing in endurance sports in New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors.

Whether you’re in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore or elsewhere, talk to Dave about how Visual Lane can transform your project.