OUr Celtic park VR project initially came to fruition due to some of our staff being lifelong fans of the club. This passion helped us bring a “real feel” to the project and a great sense of excitement when navigating your way through the stadium.


The initial purpose of this project was to push the boundaries of real-time content creation, especially creating something of this scale and realism in Virtual Reality. This allowed us to have conversations with the club in which we discussed a use for the vr model and how it could help with the Celtic f.c brand.


We have had a massive response from fans from both sides of the city (glasgow), most of which discussed how fans from all over the world, especially those who cant travel to the stadium due to a number of reasons, can explore and get the feeling of actually being inside such an impressive arena. We are also currently in talks with celtic TV about how we could help bring this to a larger audience.

If we can support/collaborate with you on a project similar to this, we would love to hear about it.